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Sandra de Castro Buffington

From Story To Action

Greetings, I’m Sandra de Castro Buffington and I answer a higher calling for heartfelt cultural change and transformation in the world. 

Using my experience working with Hollywood, Bollywood, universities, the United Nations, companies, change-makers, and many more, I help you leverage the power of story to transport audiences and ignite change.

Storytelling can awaken us and make every life count. As consciousness rises, love becomes the dominant force in the universe.

Stories in television, movies, and new media have the power to foster a revolution of the heart and a higher image of human potential.

We Can Ignite Change

We know that when stories resonate fully and spur real action, they have the power to change the world. We’ve seen it happen countless times. StoryAction offers inspiration and consultation, which aims for richer, more authentic storytelling that keeps entertainment at the highest priority. We know that masterful entertainment transports the viewer. A golden opportunity to elevate consciousness and ignite change to improve well-being for massive populations.


Tap the power of intuition, wisdom, and higher knowledge in your work and life.

Nurture your imagination

Conscious Media & Social Impact Entertainment

Invoking inspiring voices and experiences to transform your storytelling.

Step out of the box

Transformational Events

I showcase your exquisite storytelling, moderate panels, and more.

Discover new possibilities

Did You Know

…that storylines in TV, film, and new media have the power to affect a variety of outcomes, from awareness and attitudes to shifts in policy priorities and changes in behavior? Examples of findings from recent impact studies include the following:

  • 10.3% of viewers reported signing up to become organ donors after seeing an organ transplantation storyline on the show Numbers.
  • Over 8 million viewers learned, for the first time, how to prevent maternal to child HIV transmission from one episode of Grey’s Anatomy.
  • 20% of viewers of SVU’s “Witness” episode reported they intended to talk with others about rape as a weapon of war over conflict minerals in Congo.
  • 11.9% of viewers reported scheduling a doctor appointment to talk about breast cancer risk after seeing a BRCA gene storyline on the show 90210.
  • RAINN reported a 43% increase in calls to a national rape hotline number immediately following a sexual assault episode on Grey’s Anatomy.

Ready To Spark Your Imagination?

Let me help you transform your life and elevate your work by bringing you the world’s most inspiring voices, storytelling, and experiences.

What Others Say


Currently, I’m co-producing a documentary feature film, “BRAINWASHED” on the work of award-winning filmmaker Nina Menkes to explore sex and power: the visual language of oppression.

After the explosion of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, challenging “gendered camera” portrayals of women as objects has become essential and urgent.

Sandra de Castro Buffington
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